Oriana Bonan | Language Services

Accurate, knowlegeable, creative.

ISO-compliant language services in English and Italian by a dedicated professional with 20 years of experience.

Technical Translation

Specialized Communication

I translate highly-technical texts ensuring accuracy, clarity, consistency, and appropriateness.


Subtitles & Captions

Beyond Movies & TV

I make your audiovisual content accessible and deliver smooth captions featuring a high degree of readability and completeness.


Responsible MT

Machine Translation

I can help you harness new technology and do right by your audience, avoiding pitfalls through informed process implementation.


It’s quite simple. Quality first.

Your Message, Your Voice

Translators are invisible mediators: my mission is to carry your message across, respecting you, your intent, and your audience.

Usability & Accessibility

Beyond technical definitions, I strongly believe we should all strive to make communication useful and enjoyable for everybody.

More about me

I have worked in the language service industry for two decades. A life-long learner, I am always ready for a new challenge.

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Certifications & Memberships

I am a UNI 11591:2022-Certified Technical Translator and a Qualified Member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI).

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The logo of Accredia, the Italian National Accreditation Body.
A seal featuring the AITI logo and the writing "qualified member".

I am also a member of the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) and the Italian Terminology Society (Ass.I.Term).

The logo of the European Association for Machine Translation.
The logo of Assiterm, the Italian Terminology Society.